ANU Fifty50 is delighted to present our “Role Models in STEM” series, aimed at providing positive role models to foster gender equity in Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths. By celebrating the achievements of people in STEM, we want to ensure young people have a future filled with opportunities regardless of gender and the associated unconscious bias that comes with that.

Continuing in this series of interviews, we caught up with Ellen Cliff, who was named the Queensland Rhodes Scholar for 2017. The Rhodes Scholarships are awarded to students around the world to support postgraduate study at the University of Oxford. Ellen has recently moved to Oxford, England to begin her PhD in Biogeochemistry at their Department of Earth Sciences. Ellen completed a Bachelor of Philosophy (Honours) in Chemistry and Marine Science at ANU, in addition to contributing to National Science Week in 2015 & 2016, working as a demonstrator for undergraduate courses and as a research assistant in the Research School of Biology and the Research School of Earth Sciences. Find out what Ellen had to say about her experience at ANU and in STEM here!

Fifty50 Role Model: Ellen Cliff

The second instalment of our Role Model’s of Fifty50 is here! In this interview we’ve spoken with Dr Sophie Lewis from Fenner School of Environment and Society and the Climate Change Institute at ANU. Read about her experience in STEM here.

Fifty50 Role Mode: Dr Sophie Lewis