Executive Director: Georgina Ims

I am currently a fourth year student studying a Bachelor of Engineering at the ANU and I am one of the Executive Directors of Fifty50 in 2017. I moved from Tasmania to Canberra to study at the ANU in 2014 and I have been a part of Fifty50 since it started in 2015. I became a part of the Fifty50 movement because I am passionate about engaging all genders to change the culture in both university and workplace STEM environments. After witnessing many female friends face the barriers that are prevalent for underrepresented genders in every part of the STEM pipeline, I hold a strong belief in our ability to create impactful change through research-led initiatives. I am always willing to chat about gender equity in STEM and am excited about where Fifty50 is heading, so please engage with us if you want to learn more or get involved!

Executive Director: Jordan Smith

I am currently studying a Bachelor of Engineering at the Australian National University, doing research on techniques for using lasers in communication systems, in the Centre for Gravitational Physics. I have lived in Canberra my whole life and I have always been deeply curious about the way the world works.

As part of my engineering degree I had the opportunity to do a group project with Fifty50 as the client, which was my first introduction to the organisation and a pivotal point in my university experience. The evidence-based approach that is at the heart of all Fifty50’s work immediately drew me in, and I realised I could make a difference to the culture problem I had long been a bystander to.

Since then, I have worked on Fifty50’s mentoring programs offered to first year students, spent the last quarter of 2016 as Vice President, and have now moved to Executive Director. My role as Executive Director is to provide leadership, direction, and strategy to Fifty50, and to continue driving forward our expansion at the ANU.

Students that identify as female or non-binary face barriers every single day to reach the same point that I, as a male in STEM, will never have to fight for. The more I understand what this statement means – the pervasiveness and extent to which it operates – the stronger my resolve is to do something about it. I hope that my work at Fifty50 will make a meaningful impact on reversing these barriers, because despite the progress that has been made there is still far too long to go for us to continue treating this as a women’s problem for women to fix.

Strategic Director: Francesca Maclean

I am a final year PhD student in Engineering at the Australian National University (ANU). I moved from Darwin at 17 to study at ANU, completing a Bachelor of Engineering (Hons)/Bachelor of Science in 2013, graduating with First Class Honours. In my PhD I developed nanomaterials to improve the repair process after traumatic brain injury, and I have presented at many international conferences, including some held in Montreal and Boston.

I was part of the 13% female engineering cohort commencing our undergraduate studies at ANU in 2009, and continuing to postgraduate research where there are few female academics and visible role models, I’ve has first-hand experience of the barriers that face young women in male-dominated fields. My dream is for people to no longer be surprised or impressed when they meet females who have pursued STEM education and careers. Female participation in STEM benefits industry and society to no end, so I would like to see that as the norm in the future. However, there are many structural and societal biases that are barriers for equal female participation in STEM, which is what led me to establishing Fifty50 with Emily Campbell in 2015.

I was Co-President 2015-2017 and saw the Fifty50 team grow from 6 to over 30 people in under two years, becoming an influential and campus-wide brand. A key component to the retention of female STEM students at university is the culture, which is currently dominated by stereotypical masculinity and exclusive behaviours. Thus, my approach is to include all genders in achieving equity, as I believe it is not a women’s issue, it is a human issue.

Now, as Strategy Director, I aim to build Fifty50’s external profile amongst the STEM industries, in Canberra and beyond. Through Fifty50 and my research, I hope to influence and inspire the next generation of scientists and engineers to make STEM a more inclusive and diverse environment.

Strategic Director: Emily Campbell

I am Emily and I am a final year engineering and arts student. Since I was a child, I have been the beneficiary of fantastic support networks and opportunities. I understand that this is not the case for every student, and that gender places many barriers up to us all thriving as individuals and teams. This has been the driver for me co-founding and developing Fifty50 over the past two years. Now, as a Strategic Director, I can continue to create genuine impact by looking forward to the coming years and ensuring Fifty50 keeps its focus on growth and effective change.